Argh. 4 am. Computer is locked up. Papers not printing. So much work to do and all I really want to do is go outside. Yes, it’s windy. Yes, it’s raining. And yes, it’s 4 am. Which means, no trails for sure. I’d have to run the streets.

That’s okay. I can do that.

I freely admit, running has become an addiction for me. A release and a freedom like I have never experienced. It has been something I have enjoyed for the past six or seven years, but now, since I started training for my first ultra, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

Trees, trail, outside.

Wind on my face. Wet leaves against my skin. Rocks and roots beneath my feet.

I’ve been running slow, trying to build my aerobic base. It becomes a sort of meditation, running at the pace of one’s heart rate. When I am in it, I feel I can run forever.

And I want to.

For now though (at least until 5 am), I’ll keep working inside, dreaming of the wind and the rain and the joy of being out there.


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