Run like an animal

Running today. Just one more to-do this morning, and I’m free. It’s been three days. My heart is pounding with anticipation. My body is shaking like an addict. I NEED this time, and I am so very excited to get it.

I cannot tell you the exhileration I feel from being in the open and running. It frees my soul.

I used to think I was selfish for wanting to do this. After all, 99.9% of the time, it’s just me.

I see now that’s not true. Without this release, I become anxious and angry. I feel boxed in and I want to start swinging to punch through the walls that close me in. I need to burst through, and I feel like a panting animal, waiting to spring up and out, regardless of what lies before me. I need to break the constraints that leash me to everyone and everything but my pure self.

Running gives me that break. I understand that constraints are necessary. We live in a society with rules and relationships. We are responsible to countless numbers of people and principles. These things are necessary. We aren’t animals, after all.

Are we?

Maybe I need to be animal for just these brief moments. Break free.

Here goes the cheetah.


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