Why I Run – reason #362

Why do I like to run? Lots of reasons.

Some days, I like what running has done for my body. I’m slimmer, more muscular, and I think, because I run, I look a bit younger than other people my age. Other days, I’m thankful for the health and energy it gives me. For example, NO MORE HEADACHES! Or at least, not very many. Hallelujah. Of course, there are many, many other benefits running gives to me too.

Today though, I’d say it’s the endorphins. Definitely the endorphins. It seems that no matter what kind of run I am doing – tough, tired, short, long – the high I get when I am finished is OUT OF THIS WORLD! So long as there is effort, distance doesn’t seem to make a difference. Last week I ran super long; today I ran just six miles (since I am training for my first 50k, six is a bit short, relatively speaking). Both times, I’d say for quite a while after, I was just UP. Positive attitude, positive energy, wanting to go back and run some more. Last week, I was running to the point where I was actually dizzy, slogging through icy rain and wind. Today, it was above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and I was trouncing the snowy hills in shorts and t-shirt, feeling free as a bird. DANG! It felt so good.

Regardless of how I seem to feel during each run, the end result is always the same: I get a positive high that helps me charge through the rest of my day. That’s a reason, a BIG reason, why I run. Nothing in my life has ever compared to how it makes me feel.

Do you know what I mean, runner?

Go for the high, the right kind of high. RUN. Feel Good!

Some music for you to feel free and run by: Living in the Moment – Jason Mraz


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