New Journey

Today begins a new journey. I go to meet my family in a new country, find a new home, and explore what will be my life for possibly the next three years. Funny thing is, it isn’t the only journey I’ve started recently. I’ve graduated. I’ve run my first ultra. I’ve changed. I’ve faced numerous trials in both fields and came out strong. Along with those trials, I’ve come to know people who are now very real and important to me, but I have no choice but to leave them. While every other part of my journey has been exciting, this last part hurts, a lot.

Life, however, is all about growth and change. Graduate school and training for my first ultra taught me that. Well, okay, perhaps I have learned this lesson before, but funny how growth continues to happen, and funny how life never ceases to teach us something new about ourselves. Lessons may be the same on some broad scale, but the nuances — it’s the nuances that awaken our realization as we get older.

I think of my life and try to see where it is going. Honestly, I cannot yet tell the direction. So many possibilities lie before me, and I cannot say which I might prefer. It’s all an adventure, with some good changes and some bad.

While running, I use a mantra adapted from the great Gordy Ainsleigh, “Nature, you gotta take it when she gives it.” I use that to help me embrace the painful parts of my run as well as the good parts. Off trail, I guess I could substitute “Life” for “Mother Nature.”

Take it when she gives it.


5 thoughts on “New Journey

    1. Russia!
      Just coming back from a week in Moscow. Moving there this summer. My Slovak will help as I learn Russian. Are you home yet?

      1. How neat! Nope, I’m currently in Poland, and I have no idea when I’ll be back in the U.S…. maybe I can come visit you in Moscow 🙂

      2. So terrific! We were pleasantly surprised and are very excited to move there, learn Russian, meet people…Busy setting myself up to teach. Best of luck to you too, and yes, come visit! I will have an address soon.

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