Post Race Freedom Run

It is a beautiful day here in my state (finally), and I am back after racing and traveling for a week. I had hoped to take my break out run in one of the state recreation areas but, for lots of reasons, that just wasn’t possible. Instead, I decided to pay my local trail a visit and thank the Nature there for getting me through my first 50k.

I had gained about 5 lbs or so while tapering, but I must have lost it and then some during the race and while traveling, because I couldn’t keep my hr monitor strap on. I turned everything off. No distance tracking, no heart rate. This was a freedom run anyway. My only limit was time.

The trail is about 3 road miles (ugh) from my house. It isn’t big, but I love the woods there, and the paths lead up and down a steep slope along the river. I ran up and down, hopping roots, rocks, and downed trees. Not worrying about injury, I took the downhill parts with speed, thoroughly enjoying the jumps from ledge to ledge to ledge, just playing in the burgeoning green and sunshine. At the top, there’s a bit of a gravel road that leads to a wide open grassy hill that I just LOVE to fly down. I did that hill twice. : )

A week off from running nature after a big 50k, 9 hour jet lag, and a host of other things, I’d say it was a pretty good run. I’ll jog with my pups tonight (they are itching to run too) and dream of what adventure I will take tomorrow.

Gosh, it felt good.






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